The Brand: "ASBAH"

In the year 2015, the company has also entered into retail consumer segment under the brand name "ASBAH". The Company was also nominated as one of the "Best New comer Brands or Business Category" in the GULFOOD 2016. ASBAH has received very good response internationally. "ASBAH" – Platinum Basmati Rice has also been granted the 2016 Superior Taste Award with Two Golden Stars by the International Taste and Quality Institute, Brussels, Belgium. With the strong product portfolio and market response, the Company has achieved good growth in retail consumer segment. ASBAH is already present in 17 countries and they expect to expand their footprints in newer markets as well.

"ASBAH" is born out of our passion for a better society.ASBAH conceptualizes a society that empowers women, where women are free to dream. They will get ample opportunities to realize their dreams. ASBAH is committed to mitigate the financial constraints of talented women and to help unleash women's potential and create positive change.

"ASBAH" - World's 1st Social Brand in food products which was launched in GULFOOD 2015, the most prestigious Food and Hospitality Expo in the world.

"ASBAH"is an Arabic word which means Pure and it fits the Company's ethos of providing pure products frees from any adulteration.

ASBAH is first global 'cause' brand in food products. A Cause Brand means that a brand is launched with a motive of some social cause which is "Women Empowerment" in case of ASBAH. A cause brand allows a Company to make its presence felt in the commercial market place and positively impact the society. The commitment to the cause will ensures that Company delivers more than just high-quality products and at the same time espouses a social cause.

The creation of the brand ASBAH is very close to the heart of promoters who would like to prove that it is possible to make profit and simultaneously support a social cause.

The brand was launched by Ms. SushmitaSen, former Miss Universe, leading Bollywood actress and committed social activist during the Gulf Food 2015, Dubai.

For every "ASBAH" product sold, a part of the profits will be declared every month to be spent on women's empowerment causes. Like helping women get training for business, sports, education or any other proficiency. "ASBAH" in its unique way will help unleash the potential of women across the world. The initiative is driven by Company's belief that this can be a simple and sustainable way to help build a better world.

ASBAH was the Gold Sponsor for GULFOOD 2015, 2016 & 2017. ASBAH has taken full leverage of its presence at this mega event. Distributors in countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, etc. have been appointed in GULFOOD 2017.

ASBAH Power Rice – Innovation

Asbah Power Rice is the first brand in the world, who has successfully created the art of Basmati Rice Fortification. N-May group plans to launch this exclusive product in Gulfood 2018. Asbah's Power Rice is world's 1st Fortified Basmati Rice, enriched with 8 nutrients viz Vitamin A, B1, B6, B3, B12, Zinc, Iron and Folic Acid. Being a Social brand, "ASBAH" has been empowering talented women globally and now pledges to help eradicate nutritional anaemia, vitamin and mineral deficiencies that impact both children and adults. These 8 micronutrients help in maintaining a balanced diet and aid in leading a healthier life.

Process: 8 micronutrients are deliberately blended with rice flour, which is then processed into Fortified Rice Kernels (FRK). These FRK's are then blended (as per the guidelines prescribed by Food Standard and Safety Authority of India) with high quality rice to enhance the nutrition value of ASBAH Power Rice.

The blend imparts the same taste, texture and aroma as the traditional rice.

Nutritional deficiency/malnutrition is the greatest challenge globally, out of a world population of 7 Billion, about 2 Billion people suffer from micronutrient malnutrition (source: Global Nutrition Report 2016 by UNICEF). Since rice is the staple food of over half the world's population, fortifying rice is the easiest and most economical way to eradicate this problem.

In short, Asbah's Powered Basmati Rice is not only a treat for your taste buds, it also meets your daily nutrition requirements.

There are more than 17 scientific publications in over 25 countries that consumption of extruded fortified rice is safe and effective in women and children and can significantly address haemoglobin status, iron-deficiency anaemia, iron deficiency (i.e., ferritin levels), and Improve status of other critical micronutrients including vitamin A, zinc, folic acid, vitamin B12. It is also known to improve cognition and physical performance. Many more studies also support the acceptability of extruded fortified rice.

Being the World's First Social Brand, it is the company's responsibility to provide the best to the society. That's why Asbah is introducing Fortified Rice-one of the first of its kind. It is not just the healthiest and the tastiest rice, it is also rich in Vitamins, minerals, proteins and micro nutrients. Hence, providing energy to combat malnutrition. In the first phase, this product will be available in retail packs and in the second phase, the company plans to tie up with United Nations and World Health Organisation to counter the malnutrition of various countries.